Smallest bluetooth headset: small bluetooth headsets you can buy today

Author: John Pope

Today, mandatory requirements for Bluetooth devices are getting higher and higher, as we need to have our hands free for fulfilling other tasks while speaking on the phone. First, the producers offered us the hands free accessories with wires, but we all have enjoyed the freedom supplied by wire free Bluetooth technology. We were happy to get rid of all uncomfortable wires lopping on our ears and started to use the Bluetooth headsets.

Now they are almost indispensable for people when they drive their cars or for those who’s job requires many talking hours on the phone. Today, when we choose a Bluetooth headset we look not only for features that it offers, but we are really interested on how we look when we wear it and very important on this matter is the size. No one wants to wear a bulky headset that makes him look like a phone operator, they want it to be as tiny as possible. So let see which are the smallest Bluetooth headsets on the market today.

Motorola H9 Miniblu Bluetooth headset

Mesuring only 1.2 x 0.8 x 0.5 inch and weighing less than one ounce Motorola H9 Miniblue (first launched as H5 Miniblue) is a stylish black and silver headset. On its front face we have the multifunction button which glows blue when it is activated. The volume controls are positioned on the left and right side on its edges and they can be reoriented depending on which ear you like to wear it. All buttons are easy to use, being really responsive.

For wearing it, the Motorola’s HT Miniblu headset doesn’t have an ear loop, it has an ear tip that fits deeply into the ear and this could be quite uncomfortable for some users. But the H9 comes with different size ear tips so all you have to do is to take the right one when you start wearing it the first day, otherwise it could slip out your ear or cause some uncomfortable pain after prolonged use.

Motorola H9 Miniblu

Motorola H9 Miniblu

When talking about the features Motorola H9 Miniblu offers, we have the standard ones which we find in every Bluetooth headset: answering, ending, rejecting and making calls, call muting, last number redialing, on hold call, voice dialing. It also features a decent sound quality and the integrated battery allows an estimated 1.5 hours of talk time, but it grows up to 7.5 hours using the portable charging base.

Yes, Motorola H9 Miniblu Bluetooth headset comes with a portable charging base, which is not only a wall charger, as it has his own battery that extends its life while away from the power grid. You can charge the headset and the base simultaneously and when you don’t use the headset you can use the charger base even if it isn’t plugged into a power source. And as a plus, the charging base is also a very useful secure carrying case for the headset so you won’t need to get a carrying case for it.

Nokia BH-800

The Nokia BH-800 is a little headset with a simple stylish minimalist design, measuring only 1.6×0.7×0.35 inch and weighing 0.3 ounces. Due to its dimensions it is almost unremarkable when you wear it. There is a square multifunction button on the front, easy to press and quite responsive, a small power button on the top which can be a little too small, espacially for larger hands and the volume rocker on the left edge.

Nokia BH-800

Nokia BH-800

The BH-800 has an earpiece on the back for wearing it, but it also comes with an additional ear loop which can be used by attaching it on the back slot of the headset. The users say that they don’t really need the ear loop, and if you think it is necessary to use it you will have it in the box. In addition there is a metal neck strap which hooks the headset and some people, especially women can may the headset good to wear like a jewelery.

Worth mentioning is that this small Bluetooth headset doesn’t come only with a stylish design, it also has a lot of features: answer and end calls, redial, switch calls between the phone and the headset, voice dial. Using the Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity, Nokia BH-800 offers very good sound quality even when used in a loud environment and the battery life time comes up to six hours of talk time and seven days for standby mode.

NextLink Invisio G5

Known for the high quality of its products, the Danish company, NextLink has worked to put on the market a small Bluetooth headset but not to the detriment of functionality. And the result is the Invisio G5, with a simple black design, measuring 1.3 x 0.63 inches and weighting 0.013 oz. The controls are standard for today’s headsets: a talk button on the top with good tactile feedback, comfortable to use and side buttons. Those are very small (for some of you could be hard to use them and you might move the headset when press them), thus almost uncomfortable in daily use. The side buttons doesn’t have any marking that allows you to understand what they do, but we think it is not so hard to find out. Anyway, when you wear a Bluetotoh device you can’t see its controllers, you just touch it with your finger and you know which one to use.

For wearing, you will find in the box the so called Soft Springs which come in two sizes. They are made of rubber and provide stability, by following the inside of the cochlea and you don’t have to worry about comfort.

NextLink Invisio G5

NextLink Invisio G5

As expected NextLink Invisio G5 is rich in functions: answer and end a call, call waiting, conference call, redial, etc. and keeps volume settings after you turn it off. It offers a high sound quality even when in windy situations, but it isn’t equipped with noise cancellation technology for noisier environments like a nightclub. Invisio G5 offers up to 4 hours of talk time and 20 hours standby time.

Like Motorola H9 Miniblue, Invisio G5 has a protective charging case with its own rechargeable battery which can be used to recharge the headset when you are on the move. And the case is not only very useful, but it also features a nice design to go with.

Argard M10

Argard M10 is another in-ear small Bluetooth headset. Its small size and unique look make it attractive for many people. As you can see it looks really different compared with other headsets. It measures 0.9 x 0.87 x 1.24 inches and weighs only 0.18 oz, plus its shape and dark gray color makes it quite interesting. The call button, located in the front side might cause discomfort when pressed, but the pressure in the ear can be avoided if you hold the headset by the rubber-coated sides before accepting or ending a call.

The back side of the M10 looks like a crankshaft, but you will be surprised to find out that this keeps the device stable in the ear minimizing the chances to fall. When we speak about the comfort of wearing it for a long period of time there are different opinions: some say that the Argard M10 is comfortable some think it isn’t. Anyway, it comes with three different sized earpieces so you might find the right one for your ear.

Argard M10

Argard M10

The features offered by the Argard M10 are the average features we find on a headset, most of the commands being activated by pressing the round button on the front face for different period of time. Using the older Bluetooth 1.2 technology, Argard M10 offers a maximum range that forces you to keep your mobile close by. While the sound quality is good enough for both incoming and outgoing channels, the battery life is quite short (~3hours), but some times this is the compromise we have to accept when we want to use a discreet headset: a small battery. It has a good looking cradle as a charger, which will look very nice on your desk.

Samsung WEP 500

As Samsung is a well known name in the Bluetooth accessories market, it was mandatory for him to put on the market a small Bluetooth headset and there it is the WEP 500. Measuring only 0.98 x 1.1 x 0.3 inches and weighing 0.3 ounce it comes in a nice round shape. The top of the headset is represented by the easy to press multifunction button and this seams to be its weak point because when you attempt to fix the headset in your ear you push it and this may result in accidental phone calls. The volume rocket on the left it is also really easy to press so there will be no problem to work with it.

Samsung WEP 500 is an in-ear Bluetooth headset and has two models of earpieces: one with a protruding tip that goes deep into the ear and three different loop spring sizes. By choosing the right accessory for you, it will be no problem to wear it for a long period of time, because it is really comfortable to wear it. When you first wear it you could feel that it would be better to have an ear hook for more stability, but after some time, when you get used with the headset you will no worry about losing it.

Samsung WEP 500

Samsung WEP 500

Even if it is a small headset, please don’t think that Samsung WEP 500 lacks features. Aside standard ones – answering, ending or rejecting calls, last number redial, voice command, putting a call on hold, it also has an excellent sound quality, working really well on quiet environments as well as on loud ones. And this is why the WEP 500 is equipped with noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technologies and the volume adjusts itself automatically according to background noise.

You can use Samsung WEP 500 Bluetooth headset for about 3.5 hours and it has a standby mode up to 80 hours. For charging it uses the indispensable plastic cradle which acts as a carrying case also.

Jabra JX10

Jabra is another well known manufacturer when we talk about Bluetooth headsets. It is present in the the smallest bluetooth headset top with its JX10. This is not just a small device (1.5 x 0.75 x .75 inches and 0.4 ounces), but  also a stylish one with angular shapes and silver body with black accents (an all black version is also available). The volume buttons on the top, answer/end button on the left are easy to press even when you wear the headset. Someone may find pretty difficult to use the pairing button from the back which is a little too recessed., but once you find it the paring process is easy to work with.

Jabra JX10

Jabra JX10

Jabra JX10 offers again a clear sound even in crowded environments for both inbound and outbound. Jabra recommends to wear your phone on the same part of the body as the headset for maximum clarity, but considering the Bluetooth range we don’t think it is a requirement for enjoying a crystal clear sound clarity. As you expect JX10 offers all the features a headset must have: answer, end, reject calls, mute call, last number dialing, voice call, putting a call in hold.

For charging Jabra’s headset has a AC-adapter charger, an USB charger and a desktop cradle and claims to have 6 hours life time battery to talk and standby time of 8 days.

Samsung WEP 200

Samsung WEP 200 is another small Bluetooth headset that we’ve presented here. It measures 1.5×0.5×0.5 inch and it’s light weight plastic body makes it one of the lightest headsets. It offers all necessary features for a and a very good price plus will please people who embrace industrial design, as for me the Samsung WEP 200 resembles a lot with a Robocop style accessory.

Samsung WEP 200

Samsung WEP 200

Before we end this smallest bluetooth headset top is worth mentioning that there might be other small bluetooth headsets we’ve missed, but that’s understandable, as we’ve tried to make a list of the products that are available right now. If you know any other small bluetooth headset just let us know in the comment box below and we’ll make sure to update this article.

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