Sony DRBT160AS adjustable stereo bluetooth headset

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Description and specifications

Sony DRBT160AS is a headset specially designed for harsh conditions like sports workouts. It’s been constructed in such a way to stick to you head no matter what thanks to the dual support mechanism that uses a hanger and a neckband allows for a secure fit in almost all conditions. Also the earpiece shaft is adjustable to fit as many ear sizes as possible, but we’d recommend you try first the Sony DRBT160AS to see if you’re comfortable with it as it not features a common shape. The neckband is made of soft elastomer that’s flexible enough to adjust to the size of your head.

Also as a measure for safe use during jogging and workouts are the moisture guards around the headphones. But enough with construction and let’s get to the point on how they perform. Tests and user opinions on Amazon revealed a good sound quality but the Sony DRBT160AS lacks a little when it comes to noise reduction during calls, so if you’re picky about that give them a rundown before purchasing. All in all Sony DRBT160AS is a great wireless headset for music auditions but no that good when it comes to making and taking calls.

Headset for sports: that's why the shape si awkward

Headset for sports: that's why the shape si awkward

Bluetooth power and control buttons are triangular in shape and sit behind each ear. The left earpiece includes the battery and charging port, and the right houses the controls: pairing button, call/answer plus a joystick with four positions for volume and track control. If you press the joystick it plays/pause the current track. All those buttons are responsive enough so you’ll adjust to them in no time.

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