Vertu V Bluetooth headset: a 730$ luxury piece

Author: John Pope

How much a Bluetooth Headset is worth? 50$? 100$? What about 730$? I personally think is madness to pay that much for a headset, but Vertu doesn’t agree with me and it shows: that’s the asking price for the Vertu V Bluetooth headset, one of the models in the V luxury series.

I can’t complain much about the design, as the Vertu V Bluetooth headset is one of the best blends of luxury and modern looks I’ve seen in a while for a gadget. Build quality is spectacular: stainless steel and high quality resin for low weight and high strength. The resin can also be hand polished, so you won’t lose the luxurious look over time because of inevitable scratches.

730$ is a lot to pay for a bluetooth headset but if you feel like spending some cash on luxurious gadgets you can get a cheaper Vertu V Memory card reader for 490$ or  a ballpoint pen for  just 330$. [source]

A bluetooth headset like no other

A bluetooth headset like no other

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